Arthritis foot massager

Your feet do quite a lot of work. Whether it is walking around, exercising, or standing for a considerable time, your feet are usually putting in longer hours. But as crucial as your feet are, it is all too easy to ignore them — until they begin to hurt. However, there are a lot of ways to soothe your tired, sore feet at home. Sometimes foot pain might lead to arthritis in your foot, which calls for an arthritis foot massager as a remedy.

Here are some top methods that might relieve your sore feet in the course of time. You can also try more than one of these tips to get relief from your foot pain faster. Let’s take a look at them before you get your arthritis foot massager.

1-Maintain a Healthy Weight

The best method to avoid foot pain is to maintain a healthy weight. Well, your feet carry the weight of your whole body, & the more weight they bear, the harder they must work.

You do not need to carry much extra weight to feel an effect on your feet & ankles. As small as 20 pounds might alter the way your foot works, increase the stress on your feet, & trigger pain. That’s why it’s recommended to maintain a wholesome weight for fewer foot pain issues.

So, if you want to keep your arthritis foot pain at bay, try an arthritis foot massager for better results.

2-Build Up Your Flexibility

Considerably, your calf muscles might stiffen as you get older & which puts more pressure on the balls of your feet. Therefore, stretching your calf muscles on a daily basis might go a long way toward avoiding foot pain.

Physicians recommend the following stretch a minimum of three times per day:

  • Stand with your toes on a tread & your heels off the edge.
  • Gradually lower the heels down & hold for ten seconds prior to lifting your heels to the initial position.
  • Repeat 5-10 times. Do not force your heel farther than it means to go. In case the movement is too much for both of your feet at once, try one foot at one time.

If you are looking to ease your arthritis foot pain, opt for an arthritis foot massager now.

3-Getting a Foot Massage

You might massage your own feet to aid soreness & improve circulation. All you need to do is to sit down in a comfy chair & rub & knead the base of your feet. You can pull apart & bend your toes to massage them as well. Using oil or lotion might help moisten your skin, making it easier to massage your foot.

However, you can also hire a therapist or go to a massage parlor to get your massage done if you’re not confident with your own foot massage.

4-Foot Massager

If you are looking forward to massaging your own feet, products like foot massagers can help massage your foot. Using them is easier than massaging with your hand. Massing with a foot massager will help improve blood circulation in your feet, reduce high blood pressure, & reduce muscle soreness as well.

Moreover, if your foot pain is due to arthritis, you can also opt for an arthritis foot massager. So, whether it is arthritis, flat feet, or plantar fasciitis, a foot massager can be an answer to them all.

5-Wear Shoes of Appropriate Size

However, this might seem like mother wit, but it is crucial to wear shoes that fit you well. They need to have good arch & heel support & adjust to the shape of your feet. Moreover, the ball of your foot must fit the widest part of your shoe & your heel must fit without sliding.

It is also a good idea to buy shoes that can be modified, such as those with laces, to customize the fit if you’ve slightly distinct-sized feet or if they are swollen.

If you are looking for ways to get rid of arthritis pain, trying an arthritis foot massager can be the answer for you.

6-Consider Your Posture

Bad posture might lead to pain & injury in your knees, heels, back, & feet. Poor posture is usually caused & worsened by a disparity in strength & tension within the muscles. Bad posture is a vicious circle, causing your body to tilt further backward or forward, adding additional stress to your feet & heels.

Using customized insoles in your shoes helps to divide pressure & loading across the whole foot, minimize ankle rotation, & keep you suited from the ground up.

Before you go for an arthritis foot massager for your arthritis foot pain, here are some tips for improving your posture:

  • Let the arms hang innately down the sides of your body
  • Bear your weight mainly on the balls of your feet
  • Stand straight & tall with your shoulders drawn backward

7-Icing your feet

Well, icing your feet might minimize inflammation that causes foot pain. Apply ice to your sore feet by filling a synthetic bag with ice or by rolling your feet on an icy water bottle. You should ice the affected area for 5-15 minutes a few times per day to help minimize inflammation.


There are a lot of methods you might try to ease foot pain at home. But always keep in mind that it might take some time for your aching feet to feel better. However, if you suspect a more severe foot condition or if you are having serious foot pain, contact your doctor immediately.

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