3 FootLogs – 2 Installments – (A Rainbow)

$29.99 / month for 2 months


Bundle Offer:  3 of The Original Footlog – Rainbow Color

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The Original Footlog – Rainbow Color

Over 2 Million Units Sold World-wide!

Perfect Gift.


+ Free 64 Page Book – Dr. Rehm’s Foot Pain Manual


+ Free Online Video Tutorial – How to Use the Footlog by Ron Jones, MS





Perfect Gift.

Everyone loves the FootLog:  Diabetics, pregnant women, athletes, dancers, people overweight, or anyone who is stressed or always on their feet.

Why give a gift to a restaurant that they can only use once and costs 2 or 3 times this cost of a FootLog?  Get a FootLog for everyone one your Christmas list.  Do you know a teacher, dancer or athlete, make their day by giving them a FootLog.  This should be in everyone’s medicine cabinet.  It’s the perfect gift for anyone with feet.

Relieves foot pain and stress in minutes!

Although the FootLog was initially designed to relieve foot pain and plantar fasciitis – especially for those who have poor foot circulation or who have hot, tired, burning or aching feet –  it has become popular also with athletes, dancers, hikers, or anyone who spends time on their feet.  You can use the FootLog anytime – especially when you have been sitting for long periods, or when you have been excessively active.

Over 2 Million Units Sold World-wide! Easy to Use!

It’s Risk Free! – 30-Day, unconditional money-back guarantee

The Footlog comes with a LifeTime Warranty.  It is built with quality craftsmanship…and it works!  That’s why we offer a LifeTime Warranty and a RISK FREE, 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.  You have nothing to lose but your pain!  Try it now.

Great relief for people with Plantar Fasciitis!

The FootLog therapy tool is lightweight, durable, portable and does not require batteries or maintenance, yet costs less than a one-time massage that you can use your whole life.

Not only is the The FootLog one of the best foot massagers, it is easy to clean and easy to store, and with its simple, yet unique design it will improve your overall wellness. You can use it anywhere: at work, the gym, or even on vacation. Using a science called Reflexology, the FootLog is a full body boost regardless of how you feel.


+ FREE Dr. Rehm’s Foot Pain Manual

Table of Contents

Introduction (p.5)

Walking on Sand (p.6)

The Foot (p.7)


What is a Blister? (p. 10)

What is a Bunion? (p. 11)

What is a Hammertoe? (p. 12)

What is a Corn? (p. 13)

What is a Callus? (p.14)

What is a Wart? (p.15)

A Plugged-up Sweat Duct?? (p.16)

What is a Neuroma? (p. 16)

What is Plantar Fasciitis? (p.17)

What is a Heel Spur? (p.18)

What Causes Heel Bone Pain? (p.19)

General Inflammation (p.20)

Toenail Problems (p.21)


Diabetes (p.25)

Nerve Problems (p.25)

Circulation Problems (p.27)

Muscle & Joint Problems (p.28)

Frequent Infections (p.29)

Arthritis (p.31)

Peripheral Arterial Disease (p.32)

Venous Insufficiency (p.34)

Non-Diabetic Neuropathy (p.35)

Pregnancy (p.36)





Keep Your Feet…Healthy Program (p.55)

SUMMARY (p.56)


Contributed by Kim Jensen (p.57)


Contributed by Kim Jensen (p.59)

Look Inside Dr. Rehm’s Foot Pain Manual



It was a dream come true.  A wedding day!  The bride looked radiant in her gown.  From top to bottom she appeared perfect.  However, hidden underneath her floor length dress and stuffed inside her brand new shoes, a blister was forming.  It began during the photos, escalated as she walked down the aisle, and by the time the first dance for the bride and groom was done, she was in sheer agony.  Sound familiar?
Don’t let foot pain ruin your day!
This handbook is designed for the athlete, food server, construction worker or mom… How about the mail carrier or flight attendant?  Perhaps you or someone you know is pregnant or suffering from diabetes.  This handbook is for anyone and everyone who has foot pain!

Our feet get us where we need to go, but in many cases, they are the last on the list to be taken care of daily.  When you pamper your feet, you pamper yourself fully.

So, relax!  Put your feet up!  Find out what you need to know about common and serious foot ailments, prevention and foot pain from all causes. This handbook is designed so you can skip around and read what you need, so when speaking with your health care professional you will feel more informed about choosing the perfect solution for keeping your feet in great shape!

Walking on Sand

Imagine a world with no concrete floors, or extended hours standing around greeting customers.  Originally, man had sandy beaches and grassy plains to walk on.  What a wonderful feeling!  Sad between our toes and soft grass comforting every step.  The foot was able to do what it needed to do naturally and without effort.  Now with hard floors and grueling schedules, the foot must accommodate the ground instead of the ground accommodating the foot.

We all work much harder doing what should be the easiest thing in the world.  Walking!  As our feet bend to meet the ground, unneeded pressure on our ankles, knees, hips, back and neck create poor posture and foot ailments.  As you may have experienced, this results in tired, sore, aching and swollen feet.

If you aren’t able to walk barefoot in the sand all day, comfortable socks and shoes are the first things to protect your feet.  Sometimes foot support inserts are needed to help with balance or when one leg is longer than the other.  Foot exercises and massage are a great way to increase your circulation and keep your joints mobile.  So treat your feet right and keep them in good shape!

+ FREE Online Video Tutorial with Ron Jones, MS

Ron Jones, MS is one of the world’s leading kinesiologists. Watch how he instructs his corporate clients how to use the FootLog to address problems like plantar fasciitis. This is something that Ron has personal experience using. He had plantar fasciitis so bad that he couldn’t walk without a limp. He found methods that have proven effective for him and his clients that he generously shares with us in this free video.

Ron Jones has been featured on numerous national news programs and is even featured in the #JFKChallenge documentary film!

We sent our film team to Southern CA to film Ron Jones in a special session devoted to the FootLog. This online video tutorial comes FREE with your purchase of the FootLog today.

Foot Log is Perfect for Diabetics

Chronic foot pain is common in people who have diabetes. The nerve damage caused by the high sugar level is one of the reasons for the foot pain. It can really make life difficult
for diabetic as will have difficulty walking and moving around. Medicines can only do so much and they are permanent solution. In that case, using foot massager for diabetics like Foot Log is one of the best options for many. Foot Log is best foot massager for diabetics. It is designed for the purpose of reducing the pain and discomfort on the foot without any hassle.

Reduce Pain With Best Foot Massager For Diabetics

Simply massaging with the Foot Lol tool can have a great impact on your foot pain. It can relax the muscles, and promote circulation. This will then help reduce the pain and discomfort on the foot. The foot massager for diabetics is very effective in reducing pain. It can work on the muscles and tissues without causing any damage and help relax them.

Easy To Use Foot Massager For Diabetics

Foot Lol is one of the best foot massagers as it is easy to use and maintain. You can easily use it anytime you want. All you have to do is put your foot on it and roll. The spikes on the tool will help relax the muscles and improve circulation. The best part of the foot massager is that it doesn’t take much time. You can easily use them and enjoy the relaxing experience it has to offer. You can easily carry the tool with you too. The design and effectiveness of the tool makes it so great. You don’t have to spend a fortune to address the issue of foot pain. A simple tool like the Foot Log can help you in many ways.


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