Dr. Rehm’s ToesEase


Foot & Nail Cleaner

This foot wash cleans excess bacteria and fungus on the skin, makes skin and cuticles softer and helps loosen debris for more effective nail management. 4 Fluid Ounces. 50 Ready Pads.

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This 4 oz. jar comes with 50 Ready Pads, and is formulated to give you the best foot wash and clean excess bacteria and fungus on the skin. It also softens the nails for easier, safer trimming. Add the best foot cream to help soothe and gently clean contaminants that thrive in between dry, cracked, scaly skin.


Nightly Foot Wash

This product is meant to be used nightly as a foot wash. Use a ready pad to apply cleanser generously to toenails, between the toes and bottom of the feet to get the best foot wash possible. Wipe off excess with a clean paper towel, and lastly massage your feet to soothing relief with Foot Cream. These foot care products will increase the health and beauty of your feet.


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