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The FootLog Story

Working full-time as a school custodian and part-time as an airport security guard, Ren Field’s long work hours took a toll on his flat feet. He tried many products to alleviate his pain, but he couldn’t find anything that provided the relief he sought.

So Field turned to his woodshop in an attempt to create a solution for himself. He made a cylindrical wooden massager covered in 250 small, knobby protrusions that he calls “fingers.” With it Field rolled the toes, soles, heels, and fallen arches of his feet. To his delight, this finally provided the stimulation necessary to ease his discomfort.



How to use the FootLog

Ron Jones found his way to foot fitness with his own painful experience with plantar fasciitis. As a life-long runner and hiker, he was severely debilitated from plantar fasciitis to the point where he could no longer run and could not even walk with a limp.

He wanted a better way to fix his foot that was less invasive and more natural; hence, the beginning of his journey to help others improve health from the ground up through foot fitness. The information shared on this site worked to fix Ron’s foot pain and hundreds of others in his corporate wellness and website business. The solution can be quite simple–if you begin to trust your feet FIRST.